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Fiber optical connectors mate or connect with optical devices, modules, and fibers. They are one of the most essential components for optical communication. Fiber connectors are also the key parts used in fiber patch cords and fiber Pigtails. While there are many different types of fiber connectors, they share similar design characteristics. There are three major components of a fiber connector: the ferrule, the connector body, and the coupling mechanism.

1).Ferrule:two main ceramic ferrule sizes are used for fiber connectors.The ferrule OD size φ2.5mm is for ST, FC and SC fiber connectors,and the ferrule OD size φ1.25 mm is for the MU and LC fiber connector versions. PC, UPC or APC refer to how we polish the ferrule of the fiber connectors. Singlemode fiber connectors can be with PC, UPC or APC polish, while multimode fiber connectors only with PC or UPC polish;

2).Connector Body: this is a plastic or metal structure that holds the ferrule and attaches to the jacket and strength members of the optical cable itself;

3).Coupling Mechanism:this is a part of the fiber connector body that holds the fiber connector in place when it gets attached to another device. It may be a latch clip, a bayonet-style nut, threaded, push-pull and snap-lock or similar device.
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GoodFtth provides a full range of fiber connector kits and fiber adapters for SC,FC,ST,LC,MU,MTRJ,E2000,SMA,MPO/MTP configurations. We supply singlemode,multimode,angle-polished fiber connector assemblies with stable qualities that use high quality ceramic ferrules.


Telecommunication System

Testing Equipment

CATV System

LAN System



High precision alignment, easy for operation
Good repeatability and exchangeability

Low insertion loss,high return loss

Good stability



SC Connectors







Insertion loss



Return Loss





Operating Wavelength

1310nm, 1550nm

850nm, 1300nm

Ferrule Concentricity





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