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  • Double Jacket Cable
    2024-05-29 14:57:33

    GoodFtth’s 4.5mm Double jacket micro cable is made of 12 or 24 250um fibers covered with aramid strength member and LSZH jacket. This compact 3mm subunit is then covered with additional aramid strength member and outer jacket to add  rigidness to the cable. The double jacket cable is designed for high-density fiber patching in data centers which need space saving and reduce cable management troubles.It’s widely used for MPO/MTP trunk cable system,please reach us for details.



    1.      Good mechanical and environmental properties

    2.      Flame retardant properties meet the requirements of relevant standards

    3.      Soft,flexible, easy for splice connection

    4.      Supports large-capacity data transmission

    5.      Conform to IEC, EIA-TIA and Telcordia performance.

    6.      RoHS,REACH & SvHC compliant

  • Low Loss Fiber Adapters
    2024-04-30 17:23:11

     The fiber adapters made by GoodFtth can precisely connect the mating connectors, and transmit the most light sources with least loss.SC,LC,FC,ST,MU,E2000,MTRJ,MPO and most hybrid types are available.

    GoodFtth offers a wide range of highly compatible fiber adapters, including female-female,male-female,and some special hybrid adaptors,with good interchangeability and repeatability,please reach us for more details.

  • Wallmount Fiber Box
    2024-03-27 15:47:25

    Wallmount fiber boxes are designed to be affixed onto a wall or can be adapted to besecured onto a pole.They are meant to be a network termination point whilemaintaining organization and security. The wallmount fiber box is a convenient equipment of terminating connections because it canbe used with fiber pigtails for splicing, or it can accommodate pre-terminatedfibers with connectors by coming loaded with adapter panels. 

    A fiber box has an entrance point for incoming cables, one splice tray ormore according to the actual need, and an exit point for split cables. Thesplice tray joins incoming cable with either a pigtail or a connector tocontinue the transmission of signal. The best connection comes from splicingthe cable with a fiber pigtail. The other option is to use a connector andfield termination.

    One advantage of wallmount fiber boxes isthe space saving. Because it can be mounted on a wall, it saves space in youroffice or networking closet by eliminating the need for a rack or desk. Allthat is needed is enough space for the unit to be mounted onto the wall and forthe doors to open. Some wallmount fiber boxes will be designed with multiple layers so installersand servicers can access specific components with ease.

    Wallmount fiber boxes can come either loaded with pigtails or connectors,or blank so the servicer can install the necessary components individually. Wealso offer wall mount distribution boxes that can accommodate from 2 to 576splices, and 2 to 144 ports. Depending on your project these boxes can utilizeLC, SC, or other connectors in order to terminate the different fibertypes. 
  • SC Connector Boot 2.0mm
    2024-01-18 16:00:11

    There are different size,colors&length boots designed to fit SC connectors 2.0mm,for singlemode(APC/UPC),and multimode (OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4…),GoodFtth is offering full range for your options.If you still have special requirement,please instruct us,our engineers will show you what you expect.

  • How to Distinguish PC/UPC/APC?
    2023-12-25 13:56:22

    1.1 The grinding angle is different.

    PC indicates Physical Contact. PC is micro-spherical grinding and polishing, the ferrule surface is ground into a slight sphere, and the optical fiber core is located at the highest point of bending, which can effectively reduce the air gap between the optical fiber components, so that the two endfaces reach physical contact.


    UPC(Ultra Physical Contact) : hyper physical endface. The UPC connector endface is not completely flat and has a slight curvature to achieve more accurate docking. UPC is based on PC more optimized endface polishing and surface finish, the endface looks more dome-shaped.


    TheAPC (Angled Physical Contact) is called the angled physical contact, and the endface of the optical fiber is usually ground to an 8° angled surface. The 8° bevel makes the endface tighter and reflects light through its bevel Angle to the cladding rather than directly back to the light source, providing better connection performance.


    2.2The insertion/return loss is different

    Different grinding methods determine the fiber transmission quality, which is mainly reflected in return loss and insertion loss. Insertion Loss is the loss of a signal through a connector or cable. In general, the typical insertion loss of PC, UPC, and APC connectors should be less than 0.3dB. UPC/PC connectors are generally easier to achieve with low insertion losses due to smaller air gaps compared to APC connectors. Insertion losses can also be caused by dust particles between the end faces of the connector.


    Return Loss, also known as reflection loss, is a parameter that indicates the reflection performance of a signal. It is usually represented by a negative dB value, the higher the parameter of the value, the better. The end face of the APC connector is inclined polished,therefore, the return loss of APC connectors is usually better than that of UPC connectors. Under normal circumstances, the return loss of optical fiber jumper using PC grinding is -40dB. The UPC return loss is higher than that of a PC, generally at -55dB (or even higher). The APC industry standard return loss is -65dB. When the UPC connector is used, some of the reflected light will be emitted back to the light source, while the oblique endface of the APC connector will cause some of the reflected light to reflect atan Angle to the cladding, thus reducing more reflected light back to the light source. This is the main factor that causes the difference in return loss.
  • Why Tactic Cable Preferable for Harsh Environment?
    2023-11-24 15:45:36

    Armored cable consists of a cable surrounded by a steel tube to protect it from moisture and abrasion. Such armored cable can be much stronger than regular cable due to its high tensileforce. GoodFtth's armoured tactical cable is an extremely robust and flexible cable which is widely used by the military, in oil and gas,etc. It is especially suitable for temporary installations. The tactical cable combines features such as soft, flexible, light weight, easy to carry; tension resistance, pressure resistance and high mechanical characteristics,etc. The flexible outer sheath makes the cable easy to roll in and out, even in the cold weather. The cable can withstand temporary exposure to oil and other chemicals.


    GoodFtth is offering armoured tactical cables mainly less than 48 fibers,can be terminated with all kinds offiber optic connectors as you specify,reach GoodFtth for details.

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