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Ftth Drop Cable Anchor Tension Bracket
Plastic ftth drop cable anchor consists of a stainless steel hook, and a plastic wedge. The special design makes drop clamp applicated easily. It’s unnecessary to use any tools to install these clamps. It can save a lot of time. It features light weight and reusable. In addition, the wedge can protect cable jacket from damage.The function of this clamp is to tighten and support fiber optic cables or telephone wires. Normally, we apply them to support one or two pairs telephone drop wires.
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The drop cable clamp has a good corrosionresistance performance.  It’s high quality, durable. You can use them in outdoor for a long time without corrosion. The materials can be stainless steel or galvanized steel. We can produce according to your request.


Apply torelieve strain on messenger wire

Telephone wires, fiber optical cables

Support telephone drop wire at span clamps, suspension bracket and various pole accessories

support both ends of an aerial service drop using one or two pairs drop wires.



Compact design

Easy to install and operate

Light weight with compacted and rugged construction

Keep out insect prevent dust from setting

Has a serrated shim for increased hold on drop wire firmly
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